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3DS System 11.8.0-41 Blocks Consoles with Luma3DS

Posted on 31st Jul 2018 @ 12:45 PM

Dear Customers,

Confirmed that latest 3DS system 11.8.0-41U/E/A/J blocks consoles which have been done Boot9strap (B9S) cfw before, please do not update your console system untill fixidation comes out.

And if your console has been in 11.8 system version, do not use flashcart to do that CFW untill fixidation comes out.

"An error has occurred:
Failed to apply 1 FIRM patch(es).
Press any button to shutdown"



If your console got this error, please download new boot.firm to replace the old one at the root directoy of your sd memory card.

R4 DS Australia